Research Revelations: A Reflection on Past Research

Research Revelations: A Reflection on Past Research

Throughout my education, I have conducted research for many assignments and projects. Whether it be an essay for English or a PowerPoint for history, I have created multiple projects that featured the information that I have collected.

In the past, I have conducted research in all subjects. For math, I created posters that featured a variety of math problems and how to solve them. I used big sheets of poster board that nearly dragged the floor when I carried it. I would sit down and use my bright colored markers to add a pop of color, hoping to make my work as neat as I possibly could. For science, I created PowerPoints and posters that were about famous scientists. I remember sitting in my light teal bedroom and researching Jacques Cousteau, who was the inventor of the Aqua-Lung and other diving equipment. The sun shone through my white curtains and filled the room with sunlight. It almost made me feel like  I was in the ocean myself, savoring every breath I took as if it was created by the Aqua-Lung. For English, I have written many essays using books and/or some online source. I have also written research papers. One of the first research papers that I wrote was about online and social media advertising. I remember watching a documentary about how marketing and advertisements can be misleading and can even persuade you to buy something that you don’t need. For this paper, I conducted the most research than I ever had before. I strived to make that paper perfect with its amazing sentence structure and correct grammatical features. After submitting my paper, my teacher spoke to me and said that it was well written and was a very good paper overall. I was ecstatic. I had stayed up many nights and worked diligently during my study hall period as well. For history, I have created PowerPoints on a wide variety of topics. I created a presentation on the fall of Rome with a group of peers during freshman year. We studied how the interest in public affairs decreased, their empire had low confidence, and how there was disloyalty and lack of patriotism in their empire. 

I have also composed a TVography that listed my five favorite shows currently streaming on Netflix. When I was creating this list, I conducted a bit of informal research. This would include things like determining who created the shows, the date they began, where they were filmed, etc. Since I watch the shows, I knew roughly enough about them to compile a list and talk about them.

Out of all of the research that I have collected, I have found the most interest in researching biology. I believe that I find it the most interesting because it deals with factual evidence rather than creating or imagining something new. I like to learn as I read. While reading our textbook, I learned that “support in the sciences most often consists of repeatable empirical evidence; in mathematics, careful reasoning and the posing and solving of problems; in both, careful attention to the work of previous researchers.” (Bullock, et al. 310). After reading these sentences, I realized that I enjoy looking at past research conducted by other scientists. I enjoy looking at their work and the techniques that they used to create such work. Over the course of my education, I have always been interested in reading passages/essays about nature and life. In the future, I am interested in pursuing this career. I think that studying pieces of writing and collections of research will definitely benefit me in the long run. 

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